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Shri Kutchi Jain Seva Samaj Ahmedabad, to day a well known name amongst kutchis all over the world as well as amongst social organisations in Ahmedabad had its seed sown in the year 1963 under the banner “Shree Kutchi Visa Oswal Mitramandal. During 1970, different Kutchi Jain sects operating individually in Ahmedabad decided to come under one umbrella and renamed it as “Sri Kutchi Jain Samaj Ahmedabad”. Subsequently it was changed as Shri Kutchi Jain Seva Samaj Ahmedbad.It is a matter of pride that different Kutchi Jain Sects of Ahmedabad are unitedly functioning for last 50 years, which is a unique feature amongst Kutchi Jain in any part of India.

Main Purpose of the formation of the samaj was to undertake social welfare activities for its members as well as for public in general. It is a registered Public Charitable Trust under Bombay Public Charitable Trust Act. Its registration number is
A-2891/Ahmedabad Dt.4-1-1986.

Matushri Kankuben Kanjibhai Ravji [Nanikhakharwala] Seva Bhavan
Towards this goal, the samaj, in the year 1985, obtained a small house near Gita Mandir bus stand with seven rooms to accommodate Kutchi Jains coming to Ahmedabad for business, pilgrimage, social visits etc. Location is very convenient, as it is located very near to main S.T. bus stand / Railway station / Market. During year 2008, this old house was completely renovated with well furnished A.C. and non A.C. ten rooms and two dormitaries.
Samaj also has other social welfare actives like BalSmrudhi yojana, Mahila utkarsh, yuva vikas etc. Under these activities, various schemes are operating for the development of children, youth & ladies of samaj. These activities were carried on small scale from this bhavan.

Matushri Sakarben Ravji Morarji Lalan [Koday-Supremwala] Kutchi Jain bhavan Paldi
In the year 1994, we acquired a plot in paldi area to go for a big project & add more activities. Accordingly the year 1996 show a construction of four storied Kutchi Jain Bhavan Paldi, with 20 rooms for Kutchi Jains coming to Ahmedabad, the medical center and a Sanskruti Hall for Marriages & other social functions, for members as well as for others also. This sanskrutic hall is also renovated and now A.C. Banquate hall is made available.
Navneet Medical Center & smt. Prabhaben Kantilal Velji Savala Medical Check- Up Center:-
Health care also attracted the attention of our samaj. Our Medical centre was established in year 1997 on third floor of the paldi bhavan with four branches of medicine. As year passed on new branches were added. Now 30 branches of medicine are funcioning and 56 Specialists & super specialist Doctors of Ahmedabad are offering their services at our centre. Daily 30 doctors are visiting the Centre as per their fix schedule. Nominal fees of Rs. 50/- is charge for consultation with specialist doctors and Rs. 80/- for super specialist doctors, whose chares are around Rs. 400/700 at theit private clinic. The center has well equipped Pathology Laboratory with qualified technician, X-ray & latest Sonography [Colour Dopper & 2D Echo] unit, T.M.T., Physiotherapy centre, Dental unit and other branches like medicine, surgery, E.N.T., eyes etc.On an average daily 350 patients are availing medical services of this centre at very nominal charges. Centre is open for all irrespective of caste or creed. Medical centre is also arranging medical camps for general public. This center conducts medical camps for general public at regular intervals. During year 2013, medical center is renovated with better facilities and A.C. consulting rooms.
Today this centre is very popular in Ahmedabad.
Kutchi Vishram-Gruh:-
Not satisfied with the existing activities, the trustees thought of doing some thing for patients & their relatives coming to Ahmedabad from Kutch for treatment at Civil & Rajasthan Hospitals. Getting accommodation at reasonable rate is a problem in Ahmedabad. In view of this it was s decided to have a Vishram Gruh in shahibaug near these two Hospitals. GUJARAT MINERAL DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION offered Rs.1.00 crore donation for Vishram Gruh & Trustees took up the challenge to complete the project of Rs. 4.00 crores. Construction started in the year 2000.
On 26th Jan 2002 Sri Kutchi Vishram Gruh at shahibaug was inaugurated by Sri Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat. This Vishram Gruh has 60 well-furnished rooms, canteen and 6 rooms for Jain Sadhus & Sadhvijis. It is open for all persons coming from Kutch. This project has proved boon to them to get accommodation at reasonable rate in Ahmedabad & also food at nominal charge in the attached canteen. The needy patients and their relatives from Kutch also get free food at this vishram-gruh under our Jalaram annskhetra.
Economically some of our member’s families were in such a condition that they even cannot dream for their own house in Ahmedabad and they had to shift their rented residence very frequently with the result that the education of their childern was seriously hamperred. In view of this, during year 2008, the project for Awas yojana was prepared, a small plot was acquired on lease at a centrally located place in Ahmedabad and a five storied building with 40 flats was constructed. This is named as NAVNEET BHAVAN. Selected 38 needy families are alotted accomodation here at a very very nominal cost. Each flat is with one bedroom, hall & kitchen. Remaining two flats are kept for gruh-uthyogh encouraging program.
Mangal Mandir:-
One of the most important activities of samaj is its mouth piece - Mangal Mandir. Since last 38 years samaj is publishine a monthly magazine "Mangal Mandir" giving news of Samaj activities and lots of intresting reading material. About 2500 copies are circulated every month free of charge to all its members as well as prominent Kutchi individuals and organizations all over India. It is also mailed to those who are paying annual subscription. For our readers abroad, it can be view on our website

Earthquake Rehabilitation:-
Devastating earthquake in 2001, which rocked Kutch, diverted the attention of samaj towards rehabilitation of people of Kutch, who were rendered homeless. Shri Kutchi Jain Seva Samaj divered about Rs. 2.30 crore for construction of houses, schools, Hospital & Library in the earthquake affected villages of Kutch. In addition about 200 trucks load of food packages/medicines etc. was sent to Kutch immediately after the earthquake. The work done by Shri Kutchi Jain Sewa Samaj for earthquake victims was appreciated by govt. of Gujarat & other organisations.
For Earthquake affected industries of Kutch, the samaj arranged one Industrial seminar on 5th Jan 2002 in coordination with Govt. Industries Department. Leading Kutchi industrialists, having industries in other parts of India also attended along with industrialists of Kutch. Shri Balasaheb Vikhe Patil the then Central minister for state for Banking & Insurance was Chief guest with other state ministers & govt officials. Seminar provided platform to discuss problems faced by Industries in Kutch. Efforts put forth by samaj in arranging such seminar was appreciated at every level.
Other Activities:-
* Samaj is also arranging Kutchi jain “Yuva parichay milan” at all India level,in which young boys and girls from different parts of the country get the opportunity to know each other.
* It has also taken initiative in bringing the Narmada water to Kutch in coordination with other orgniasation involved. It has been doing a liaison work with the govt. of Gujarat to expedite the Kutchcanal work.
* For a period of 20 years from 1988 to 2008 samaj was lead by none other than
Dr. Chandrakant K. Dedhia as President & Managing Trustee at the helm of its affairs ably assisted by team of experienced Trustees & Working Committee members. Prior to this, he was also the president of the previously named shri Kutchi Jain seva samaj from 1985 to 1987.
At present Shri Ashok S. Mehta is at helm of the affairs to take samaj on still greater heights in days to come. Shri Pratap N. Dand is rendering valuable services as honarary secretary since 1999 onwards.
The culture can be explained in terms process that gradually shapes the life of the man, in the land, he lives. This includes his social inheritance; the artifacts and skills he develops; the habits he forms and the thoughts and values he imbibes.
To know and comprehend, the unique cultural heritage of a small territory of Kachchh located at the north-west part of India, special attemt is made by preparing a small museum in a hall at our Vishram-gruh Sahibaug.
The human habitation on this land is of very early times. The fossils found here, near the river-beds, mountain high ranges and along the Sea Shore; so also the archival ruins of the times are the evidence, supporting this view.
The sculptures and the architecture of the medieval period, the Shiva, the Sun and the Jain temples reveal the prosperity of this land, in the past.
It is difficult to define the culture of Kachchh in a few words. Kachchh has its own identity. The man on this land has had to Struggles all along, for his survival due to the hostile nature of environment. The man here had to move from one village to the other village or province, or state and even beyond the boundaries of the country, in search of livelihood. There are more Kutchees who have settled outside Kachchh than within. But those who have migrated from Kutch have maintained their identity as Kutchees allover.
The question may arise as to what is there in this land that has made a Kutchee person so unique? The answer is that it is the cultural heritage gifted to him by the Rann and Sea. The shape of this land is like a tortoise. The land of Kachchh has the Rann of Kachchh on one side and the Arabian Seaon the other side. The Sea has groomed him to be generous and enterprising. The Rann has taught him to sustain against all the odds of life.
More over, Kachchh is a junction of many cultures. Different people, from many parts of the world have come here. Some among them got so much attached to this land that got settled here.
The land of Kachchh has its own unique and veritable cultural heritage of music and art; language and literature, the traditions and customs.
Kachchh is the land of variety and diversity. It has its unique identity and characteristics. Its dynamics cannot just be known or understood simply by statistics, maps or other information formats. It has no means to measure the grace of its black hills. The dignity of this land is immersed with that of the Kutchiyat of the people of this land. And hence one has to travel through this land.
It is in this context that, during year 2012, Kutch Snskrutic Museum has been set-up at our vishram gruh Shaibaug, to enable the visitors to have a glimpse of the cultural heritage of Kachchh at one place.
This museum has put up the dioramas to portray the folk culture of Kachchh. The people have been shown in their traditional attire and environment. The embroidery work by the ladies of some communities of Kachchh reflects their cultural identities. Some samples of such work are on display at this Museum. Shipping of the Kutchee Seafarers is well-known. The famous Kutchee Ships are introduced through their models.
The folk musical instruments and their artists, who are the messengers of the folk-culture of Kachchh, are also shown in a separate panel here in this museum. The medicinal plants and other varieties of plants in Kachchh are also shown. The details of the animals and bird life that move around in some sanctuaries of Kachchh and the native as well as migratory birds, has also been displayed in this museum.
The visitors of the museum can overview the face lift of Kachchh following the devastating earthquake of 2001 in Kachchh.
The presentation of the life style, art and craft of the sturdy people of the mighty land of Kachchh in a small museum is like an effort to fill the Sea in to a picture. However, The “Kutchi Jain Sewa Samaj” – Ahmedabad has made this humble attempt with a hope that those interested to know about the cultural heritage of Kachchh will have a glimpse of it through this museum. It will be a matter of satisfaction for us if, on seeing this museum, the visitors will be prompted to visit Kachchh.
This is in nutshell various social welfare activities undertaken by Sri Kutchi Jain Seva Samaj Ahmedabad for its members & public at large; which has been possible for all the monetary support & moral encouragement given by well wishers from Ahmedabad & different parts of the country/abroad.



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